REReader (rereader) wrote,

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

And she's baaaack....

It's been quite a year, but it's a new year as of tonight! So for now:

Tags: holiday, rosh hashanah

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    For various and sundry reasons, (Excuse me while I tiptoe around a bit... By Bit Boy - Flickr: The Elephant in the Room, CC BY 2.0, Link…

  • Shana Tova!

    Rosh Hashanah starts tonight, so... And also And lastly, (Oh, look, I still exist!)

  • ...I don't think I approve of this:

    *** I also don't approve of Kosher-for-Pesach bagels, Cheerios, pasta, and all the other things that you can buy now so that you can forget…

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