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Writing up your New Year's resolutions?

Okay, well, me either. (I don't do that, and if I did it would have been done a few month ago.) But apropos of making changes in a new year, here are Ian Axel and Chad King (otherwise known together as A Great Big World) singing their song "This is the New Year" on stage:

Video posted by AGreatBigWorldVEVO

Or if you prefer, here's the official video, which does not feel very "official" at all:

Video posted by AGreatBigWorldVEVO

That video is just joyous, isn't it? Apparently that was the point, according to the guys in a Reddit AMA. They were at a friend's holiday party when Lief Parton (another friend) came up with the idea, so they just filmed it there and then, using the partygoers present. In their words, "[W]e just wanted to capture pure, unscripted joy."

In a 2014 Huffington Post interview, the two had this to say about the song:

In 2008 we went to the most epic New Years party ever in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. On our way back, we felt incredibly inspired by life. This song came from a place where making changes and resolutions in our lives seems to only happen once a year, and we feel like they should be and can be made every day.


King's birth name is Chad Vaccarino (he changed it in 2015), and I have no reason whatsoever to think he is Jewish. However, this song was originally released on Ian Axel's debut solo album (and later rereleased as an A Great Big World song), and Axel is Jewish. The two met at NYU and have been writing together ever since.

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